“The President of the United States is Dead. He was murdered in the morning sunlight by a four-year-old boy…”
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Special Mission: Droplift & Burn

Agent Codename: Media Pete

Mission Summary:
Stage one: Burn 7th Son data disks for covert distribution. These CDs must include the audio files for the sampling of the story along with the title “7th Son: A free audio podcast novel” along with the address: 7thSonTrilogy.com. This information will be written on the CD and in a file with the data. This stage will fulfill the objectives of “Mission #2: Operation Burn, Baby, Burn.” This operation was not originally achieved because Special Agent Pete did not have CODE PHANTOM clearance at the time assignment. In addition to these disks paper media will be produced for further infiltration.

Stage two: “Droplift” 7th Son propaganda in local bookstores and other media distribution centers. This stage will fulfill the objectives of “Mission #5: Operation Droplift.” Avoid detection because this subversive media may not be welcome in such establishments.



Burn, Baby, Burn

Media Production:
Five sheets of propaganda cards were printed. Each sheet when cut out produces four cards, so twenty propaganda cards where produces. The first two chapters of 7th Son Book One: Decent where burned onto an audio CD. Seven copies of this CD were made. Each CD was labeled with the title “7th Son: A Free Audio Podcast Novel.” The website where the whole trilogy can be downloaded was also marked on the CD. The same label was also put on the CD sleeves. Each CD is tested to make sure it plays in ordinary CD player.





The Mad Hacker

Once I arrived at the target store. I inventoried the Media and Propaganda for distribution. Discretion was important so a prop was used to distract any onlookers. I brought my iPod and kept it in the same pocket as the propaganda cards. Whenever I needed to retrieve a card I also pulled my iPod out of my pocket. Holding an open book in one and my iPod with a card in the other made it easy to leave a card in the book. If you look closely you can see clone propoganda sticking out of the top of the Doctor Who book. The seven CDs were spread out through the audio book sections.

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